HRme is an HR consulting company which has been set up to deliver quality services to entrepreneurs and businesses. To us, the term “human resources” is not limited to administration, it is about building relationships and engagement, powerful employer branding, employee retention, and, last but not least, recruitment and training.

We enjoy working with entrepreneurs who develop their businesses with energy and consistency. People who treat their employees with care and respect and who realize the importance of investing effort in building engagement and personal development.

We can provide you with an external perspective, practical ideas and support in their implementation. Our strength is our business expertise, our experience with people in various positions and with diverse backgrounds and our ability to think out of the box. When we consult, we do it reasonably, creatively and with a clear vision about the set goals.


Margarita LinkedIn profile

I have more than 10 years of experience in the field of HR and marketing. My strengths are in building employer branding strategies and in recruitment. My experience has taught me that investing in the brand pays off not only by quickly attracting quality candidates. It is also crucial for developing loyal employees. Outside work, I am a beginner mom of twins who strives to find some time for a cool concert and friends. 😊

Julia LinkedIn profile

HRme came as a natural continuation of my 16-year experience in an international financial institution. As part of the executive body of the company, I was directly engaged in the management of both business processes and people relationships. I am very much familiar with the small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria and I know how much effort is needed to invest in order to achieve success. My strengths are in the evaluation and improvement of processes, in training and in building successful manager-employee relationships. When I am not at work, I love cooking, travelling and provoking my creativity. 😊



We believe that every company, regardless of type of business, scope or development stage, needs to invest consistent effort in building and maintaining a sound employer brand. To be known as the “cool place to work” is the best investment regarding retention of existing staff and the acquisition of new employees.

You can count on us for:

  • analysis of your current employer brand;
  • clear definition of your competitive advantages and corporate culture;
  • (online) positioning of the company as an employer;
  • engagement of all employees in the process of building and consolidating your positive employer brand.

The most obvious indicators for business success are the clients’ satisfaction and the profit of the company. Behind those stand the engagement and the contribution of each employee in the organisation. Engagement is built with communication, respect and clearly defined expectations. Contribution depends on how effectively you use the strengths of your employees.

We will help you by “taking a snapshot” of your company so that we understand:

  • how you assess the performance of your employees;
  • to what extent your mutual expectations match;
  • the effectiveness of the communication within the organisation at all levels.

Afterwards we will propose concrete measures which we could implement together in your company.


A lot of people who would ideally fit your company are currently working for somebody else and are not searching actively for a change. In HRme we know how to attract their attention and we will save you precious time.

Here we will help you by:

  • analysing your need for new staff;
  • defining the profile of the future employee (personal and professional);
  • organising the overall recruitment process (from the job ad to the job proposal).

It is not enough to hire experienced and knowledgeable people. In order to be beneficial for your company, they need to constantly upgrade their skills and competencies so that they can respond to and follow the new trends.

We will organise and deliver the necessary trainings but first we will define your specific needs. Afterwards we will measure the real impact of the trainings in your company.

Trainings which we can provide:

  • Management skills trainings
  • Trainings for HR specialists
  • Customer relations trainings
  • Business trainings


Our experience shows that achieving success in business is not one-off effort. It is a process. Working with people is a process as well.

When you are developing a new business, most probably your focus is in generating revenues, managing liquidity and attracting new clients. And, more often than not, you neglect your staff. Are they content? Are they motivated? Are they efficient?

When you have already set up your business, most probably you will need to streamline your HR processes, to develop the managerial competencies of your key employees, to train your staff and to build a corporate culture that reflects your values.

In both scenarios, the HRme Subscription will help you to achieve your goals. Together we will construct the ideal organisation as you imagine it and we will build the team you need.

What is the HRme Subscription? For a set period of time (e.g. 3, 6 or 12 months) you will have at your disposal HR specialists who will work on your projects (establishment of HR processes, improving your employer brand, staff engagement and performance assessment, trainings on predefined topics, etc.)

Call us to arrange a meeting and we will do a preliminary analysis which will set the basis for further cooperation with your company.

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